IT EXPENSE Management
Giving Transparency to IT Expenses

In today’s environment, IT is continuously pressured to demonstrate effective expense management. Telecom/wireless, network, software and cloud expenses count for a large portion of any IT budget. With success in saving millions through credits, refunds, and cost avoidance, Athena wants to repeat this success with you.

    • In most organizations, IT costs are managed through the G/L, leading to an inability to explain common variances and a ‘black hole’ mentality for IT expenses.  62% of CIOs don’t believe that there is adequate transparency of IT costs.
    • Do You Know What Drives Your IT Operating Expenses?  Are you constantly fighting to prevent an underfunded IT organization? Do you have an appropriate dashboard and automated reporting to show transparency for your IT expenses?
    • Can you show an effective expense management program, which includes auditing all of your employee-driven expenses to demonstrate that you are paying for only what you need?
    • Software is eating the world.  Can you identify the effects on your budget of moving to the cloud?  Allow Athena Consulting to build a service-based costing model.
    • Utilize the expertise of Athena Consulting for IT Financial Management to not only establish your current state, but identify ways to save money and meet your IT goals through reinvesting in your IT vision.
    • Athena Consulting can provide the following IT Financial Management services
      • Establish an IT expense current state
      • Review all vendor contracts and identify expense reduction opportunities
      • Renegotiate infrastructure contracts
      • Validate all of your software and hardware assets are being utilized
      • Manage ongoing IT expenses and provide comprehensive reporting through an ITFM tool
      • Provide a single-pane-of-glass view into all of your IT expenses.
    • Benefits of an effective IT Financial Management program
      • Gain credibility through improving financial transparency
      • Effectively budget based on visibility into IT cost drivers as it relates to company growth
      • Change perception from IT as a cost center to a strategic business partner